Lee Dallas

Artificial Intelligence Will Kill Unstructured Content

Last year's announcement for Opentext Magellan was accompanied by plenty of marketing videos and analyst opinions but what I would like to focus on is what I think is the most interesting implication that this wave of affordable Enterprise AI suggests: the death of unstructured content.

Laurence Hart

Moving On From Content

The great debate of ECM vs Content Services rages on. I say look at your information flow, follow it, and find new ways to make it flow faster. If you can do that and know where your information is at any time, you are done.

Shannon Harmon

Building A Governance Program: Start With "Why"

Building a framework for efficiently and effectively governing data and information is no small task. You are tasked with convening the key players, figuring out your end goal, communicating it, getting buy-in, and fleshing out the intermediate steps. It is all very complicated.

Marko Sillanpää

Contract Management Is A Convoluted Landscape

I’ve been noticing this trend where “new” (to me) vendors have been popping up on my radar. At first glance, I labeled each one as a niche vendor. As new names came up, I realized that I was actually seeing a much larger parallel market. Solutions vendors were emerging in areas that had been typically custom solutions built on ECM platforms. In some cases, large vendor landscapes had emerged. One case in point is Contract Lifecycle Management.

Nick Inglis

Convergence & Keeping The Information Profession Alive

The Information Profession has been experiencing a convergence - empowered by technology, disciplines have been moving closer towards one another and, eventually, some titles will be (and are being) deprecated as job duties converge.