Lee Dallas

Global Presales Programs Leader, OpenText


Laurence Hart

Director, TeraThink


Marko Sillanpaa

Founder/ ECM Advisor, BMO Consulting


Shannon Harmon

Counsel at Office of the City Attorney, Chattanooga, TN


Nick Inglis

President, Information Coalition


Become a contributor

With a relentless focus on quality pieces that inform the information profession, we invite you to become a contributor to the INFOGOVmag.
We accept submissions from all with a heavy preference on articles that focus on informing and visual elements. We prefer pieces that are at least 800 words long and have some sort of diagram or chart (even if these are simple drawings on a napkin that we can design to our specifications for you).


  • 800 words minimum.
  • Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation (feel free to leverage an application like before submitting)
  • Not required but preferred - charts, diagrams, and/or visual elements (these will be edited and/or re-designed to meet our specifications).

Perks for contibutors

  • Free Information Coalition Membership for 1-year.
  • ~6 months of social media exposure per accepted piece, naming you and your social media profiles.